“Stuart is an emerging talent with a smart eye,
formidable wit, and a knack for creating a cast of characters.”
— Writers' Union Jury, 2011 Short Fiction Prize
“From its evocative opening to its heart-pounding conclusion, Still Mine is a gripping mystery that I felt desperate to solve. Amy Stuart paints a vivid picture of the stark mountain town, Blackmore, and the cast of shadowy characters who inhabit it. A tense and absorbing read.”
— Lucy Clarke, Author of The Blue
“An intricately woven thriller.... You’ll want desperately to solve the mystery not only of the missing Shayna, but of Clare O’Dey, Amy Stuart’s heartbreaking heroine, on the run from the darkest forces both within and without—and you’ll have a hard time forgetting the everytown of Blackmore and its scheming, desperate inhabitants.... A vivid and haunting debut.”
— Holly LeCraw, author of The Swimming Pool
“Stuart’s writing is elegant and gripping, and she unwinds this slow burn of a story with such precision that I didn’t know what to expect, even as I turned the last few pages. Not since The Silent Wife have I been rendered so powerlessly riveted by a psychological thriller.”
— Marissa Stapley, author of Mating for Life
“Twisty and swift, Amy Stuart’s Still Mine is a darkly entertaining mystery machine. But what will really surprise you is the emotional foundation on which it has been built.”
— Andrew Pyper, Bestselling Author of The Damned
“Still Mine delivers all the nail-biting moments of a fast-paced thriller and filters them through the eyes of girl-with-a-past Clare O’Dey: deeply flawed yet instantly recognizable, O’Dey is a noir detective hero for a postmodern age. Author Amy Stuart sends one missing woman out to look for another one, and the result is chilling. You’ll find yourself turning the pages faster and faster.”
— Elisabeth de Mariaffi, author of The Devil You Know