A New Year Brings Lots of Exciting News

I recently inputed March 1, 2016 into a google feature to spare my brain the mathematics of the countdown. And here is the number: 57 Days from today, Still Mine will be in stores and online. After a long process with many stages, it feels remarkable to be so close to a day I've imagined in some form for years and years. The next few months will be about balancing my preparations with continuing to work hard on writing the second book in the series. 

I've recently had some exciting news that serves to make it all feel very real. Costco Canada announced that Still Mine will be the "Buyer's Pick" for BOTH March and April. The thought of a pile of my books 2 feet high at Costco is so overwhelmingly awesome that I might just have to book a few weekends in March to do a Costco-to-Costco-to-Costco road trip. Who's with me?

In other excellent news, some of my favourite writers on earth have written wonderful reviews/blurbs for the book that are now on the home page of my (new!) website. 

Lastly, I've joined Instagram! @amystuartwriter

Of course I'm excited about the next few months, but so many of my friends and family and colleagues, not to mention the incredible people at Simon and Schuster Canada, have rallied behind this little book and its upcoming adventures in incredible ways. All of the support and good wishes along the way have actually been pretty humbling. Above everything else, I'm grateful. 

57 days. Here we go!