A story of mine in an anthology (where dreams do come true...)

My short story "The Roundness" has been a gift that keeps on giving. It won the 2011 Writers Union short story award, and then a few months later was a finalist for the Exile/Vanderbilt contest. All the finalists for the Vanderbilt have been published in an anthology now available on Amazon right here. If you write short stories, I urge you to enter the Exile/Vanderbilt short fiction contest. If you are chosen a finalist, you will get to go to galas and garden parties, you will get to do readings, you will meet Gloria Vanderbilt and you will be made to feel, however briefly, like a certifiable writer. Here is a picture taken of me with Gloria Vanderbilt at a party at the Callaghan house (as in Morley and Barry) in Toronto last June.